NTA China Preferred Partners

The NTA China Preferred Partner program guides North American destinations and suppliers on how to attract the booming Chinese travel and tourism market. With access to tools and resources to tap into or expand their footprint in the market, the program also features a listing of the certified partners which help Chinese outbound tour operators easily search and identify destinations, hotels, attractions, restaurants and receptive tour operators in North America.

China Preferred Partners

Organizations become an NTA China Preferred Partner when they are “China-ready” by adapting their products and services for the Chinese market using the tools and resources from this program. They understand, welcome and are prepared for the Chinese travel and tourism market in terms of culture, language, marketing and programming.

Getting Ready for China

Understand the Chinese travel trade and Chinese travelers, discover the trends in the inbound tourism market from China, and learn about the cultural and behavioral differences to improve your China-readiness.

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Find the list of NTA’s China Inbound Program registered receptive tour operators, Chinese outbound tour operators approved by the Chinese government to offer outbound group leisure travel and more.

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Discover information and tips that can help businesses be better marketers to the fast-changing Chinese market. Find a list of companies that offer China market services to North American destinations and suppliers, many of which are offering special discounts to NTA’s China preferred partners.

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Participate with NTA at shows and events, and also learn about other events for the China outbound travel and tourism market.

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Find China travel and tourism market’s news and researches. Keep updated with the latest trends in China’s fast-growing travel pace.

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Is travel your business? Then you belong at NTA. Membership with the National Tour Association opens doors that will create business connections with bottom-line results for years to come. NTA’s vast professional network, member service discounts, educational programs and tourism industry leadership opportunities all are at your fingertips.

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