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Dragon Trail’s Opinion on China Tourism to the U.S.

by cpp_admin on June 24, 2019

How worried should U.S. destinations be about Chinese tourists number’s drop in 2018? Are there any other factors besides the trade war causing the decrease? And how do US destinations prepare for the market changes? Please read Dragon Trail’s newest opinion on China tourism to the U.S. at:

Key takeaways:

– Actions by both the US and Chinese governments have major potential to disrupt Chinese tourism to the US. While much of this is out of the hands of the tourism industry, the potential to lobby the US government on issues such as visa policy, and the importance of tourism to the economy, should be considered if possible.

– Changes to the Chinese tourism market also play a role, and destinations and businesses need to keep up to date with these, understand where the market potential is, and how to best reach these travelers. At the same time as reaching out to the growing and important FIT segment, US travel brands can also work to counteract the sharply decreasing group travel market through renewed initiatives focusing on the Chinese travel industry.

– As visa policies become stricter, and more inexperienced travelers have demand for visas, we recommend providing training to the Chinese travel industry to teach them how to guide travelers through the process and avoid rejections.

– Fears about safety, especially gun violence, create a serious image problem for the US. These can be addressed through B2C marketing efforts and through training Chinese travel agents, who will be on the frontlines when it comes to answering questions and allaying fears.

– An unwelcoming image is another major obstacle for US tourism brands. This can also be addressed through marketing efforts – Los Angeles’ global ‘Everyone is Welcome’ campaign from 2017 is an excellent example.

cpp_adminDragon Trail’s Opinion on China Tourism to the U.S.