NTA China Market Services

Chinese Translation

Get “China ready” with marketing materials translated in Chinese. Whether you’re preparing Chinese brochures, maps, tour guides, signs or restaurant menus, NTA has native Chinese-speaking staff who can assist with your translation needs.

$150 per page

DMO/Supplier Consulting

China has been a key international inbound market for NTA in the past decade, and the association has gained a lot of knowledge on how the market works. If you’re a seller of travel looking to tap into or expand the China market, NTA provides consultation and can assist you in best practices.



Are you working with Chinese tour operators and tourists and want to know more about their culture and etiquette? NTA has a solid grasp on the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. We can help you educate your staff or members to better work with Chinese tourists and travel trade.

$1,000 (transportation and lodging not included)

China Inbound Tour Operation Fam Trip

There’s no better way to show what you have to offer than by organizing a Fam trip for China inbound tour operators. With its China Inbound Program, NTA can help you find the preferred tour operator candidates for your trip and assist you in building itineraries that appeal to them.


China preferred partners enjoy 5% – 10% discount for the NTA China market services. Please contact Lin Wang at lin.wang@ntastaff.com for more information.

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